I am ZENA

  I have been working with tarot cards for many years. They allow you to penetrate into the spheres invisible to the eye, but having a huge impact on our lives. Looking to the tarot analysis I can not only read the future, but what is most important I will help to understand the background of the current life situation.

 Tarot cards like no other can determine the emotional state, mental state, and additional influences that are working at the moment on your lives.

I feel the most important thing to consider is that the readings I do are looking at primarily the current energy around the situation and it is their for guidance to help you reach a positive outcome.


I work with adults interested in exploring the relationship between their fate and the experiences of their ancestors, suffering from various symptoms that make everyday life difficult, trying to gain more influence on their lives, curious about themselves, looking for a new understanding of their problems.

To change something, you must first know it.
To change, you must first know yourself.
When you live in the past, you comfort yourself with memories.

Living in the future, you console yourself with the thought that it could be better.

By living in the present, you can truly experience joy, love, and happiness because
the past is gone and the future has not yet arrived

If you are looking for advice please contact me on

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Tarot Reading

30 min £20 / 60 min £40.00 


90 min £60,00 next consultation 60 min £ 40.00